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Author/Mother: Laura Harris-Simmons

Co-Author/Daughter: Roshonda Simmons

I would like to thank you all for enjoying our work first and foremost. My name is Laura and I am the ninth of 10 children, a wife, mother of two beautiful children and two Awesome granddaughters. In my spare time I love writing, modeling, and acting. I have published six children's books with my daughter and three books by myself two of which are geared for our teenagers and the third one is teaching people of all ages how to become Debt free. I'm currently working on teaching a few online classes on How To Get Out Of Debt and Stay out of Debt. I Also look forward to doing more Motivational Speaking events.


I began Speaking at different schools in 2018  and I truly enjoyed speaking to people of all ages. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life.  When I am not doing speaking events you will find me writing, producing, directing and acting in my first stage play from my book "LIL SISTAHS,LISTEN UP" and looking to bring my experiences to the big screen someday. When I am not Writing, Producing and Directing, I like to give back to those in need by volunteering at homeless shelters nearby once a month. I do this because it keeps me humble and reminds me of where I come from.  Through volunteering I became inspired to give back by donating 5% of sales from each book to a charity of my choice. Every principle to my life has influenced others around me and myself.

I aspire to become a renowned author, producer, director and actress. I believe that my actions have led to taking acting lessons with BeFlyCreate, and constantly improving my writing and eventually exploring different genres, and age groups. Being an actress, model, and book-writer, Producer, Director, wife, mother, grandmother , and employee I take care of my family, but my favorite part of this role has been becoming a Grandmother what an awesome title. I believe that one day my hard work and passion for what I do will be rewarded.

Hello everyone my name is Roshonda and I am the younger of the duo. I am a recently high school graduate class of 2020.   In my spare time I love to  write, sing, model ,act and take selfie's. Like my mother, I also have six children's books published, and I am currently looking forwarding to my next journey of my life.


When I am not writing I like to do fashion photo shoots and  acting which bring me to my current project that  I am so excited about being apart of my mom's up and coming stage play  "LIL SISTAHS, LISTEN UP" as I play the character "The Caller" who is a depressed teenage girl who is contemplating suicide. When I am not continuing my professional career I volunteer with my mom at a nearby homeless shelter once a month.

I dream to  sing, or act for a major tv network. When I am not performing or writing I enjoy hanging out with friends at the movies and mall. My hope is that my outgoing personality and hard work will someday payoff.