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Alex and Her Clubhouse Friends
Family time is the best time
The Night We Had Chicken for Dinner
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Alex and The Crazy Storm
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Reading is fun!

Our books aren't just for kids, it's for everyone! We write stories for your littles ones aged 3yrs-10yrs old, young adults, and adults. Let's make reading fun.


Our Story

The Mother-Daughter team began seven years ago in our home where we have bonding time. During this time together we would read, and talk about books. After a while it became a norm so we began writing stories about our life as mother and daughter. A friend of ours read our books and enjoyed the real-life humorous stories. Now, our bond and love for reading has grown, and we are proud to publish our fourth book to all who enjoys them.


Thank you again for supporting us!

Our Vision

To create books that can be read in every home, school, and bookstore around the world. Our belief is reading is fun through interactive learning, but what children read creates memories that last forever.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children of all ages learn how to read, build relationships through the fun of reading, and explore their imagination from story-telling. With a positive story, and positive message, children and parents will love our books, and personally connect to the stories we tell.

Who's the Mother-Daughter Team?


The Mother-Daughter Team is a dynamic duo of Laura (mother) and Roshonda Simmons (daughter) that love to write funny, and exciting children stories. 

For more information on the Mother-Daughter Team check out our ABOUT US tab


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Books Now Available!


Interested in our books? We're in the following stores now: Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Medu bookstore, Nubian bookstore, Frontline Bookstore, and of course here on our website!!


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